Welcome to JW Pastry

Fresh, Delicious and Gourmet!!! Our Executive Pastry Chef, Jonathan Grotsky, shares his love for creating authentic American, French and other European pastries. Located in Davie, FL. Visit us today. Order your favorite French Baked treats. We deliver to specified areas.

A Taste of France in Florida

France is known for many things but most of all for its food. Our creations reflect the traditions and elegance of French baked goods, ensuring that JW Pastry provides the finest goods to our hometown of Davie, FL. When deciding to open JW Pastry, we had a few goals in mind: Authenticity, simplicity, and passion. Our cooking style would be simple as we would use only the most natural and freshest ingredients. Our baked goods would be hand-crafted and made from scratch. We have the passion and desire to favor quality over quantity and always respect the traditions that were passed down to us.

Our bakery uses only the freshest ingredients and bakes pastries fresh daily. You can also find JW Pastry at the local farmers markets. For more about the markets visit, farmersmarketsfl.com

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